The Cambridge Club of Aberdeen

Aberdeen, New Jersey

The Cambridge Club sits on nine acres and consists of two buildings, a 2,500 SF fitness studio, an expansive rooftop deck, and a ballroom as well as a pool pavilion. There are 6 aquatic features including a 6 lane, 25-meter competition pool, a 75,000-gallon zero-entry activity pool, a heated therapy pool, a 20 person jacuzzi, a kids pool, and a teen splash pad.The Clubhouse design was inspired by the works of famed architecture;, Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment. The challenge was designing a building that supported the Owners vision while respecting the legacy of Strathmore and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Owners worked closely with our firm to create a Clubhouse that supported Wright’s design philosophy and the owner’s vision for a year-round social club.An interesting design feature of the Clubhouse is the Oculus, the circular roof opening that allows sunlight to pass through and create beautiful shapes of light that slowly transforms throughout the day, just as the sun lights the earth. In the evening it’s a perfect portal to stare at the stars. Iconically, it’s a reminder you are about to enter into a special place.The lower level includes a senior gaming lounge, group activity room, fitness area, male and female locker rooms, and Seasons Spa. The upper level is the party space, housing the Rainbow Room... the largest event space, and the seasonal Rooftop Deck.


New Building

Project Designer

25,000 SF




We had done our best to describe to our members what was to come, but no one expected to see what they saw with the final product. What impressed me the most was Fabiano’s understanding of what the area needed. The lighting, spacing, color scheme was absolutely beautiful and the whole town is talking about our facility.

Tammy Ward, Owner at The Cambridge club