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We are a collective of architects, designers, and planners working together to build a better future.

At Fabiano Designs, we have been providing full-service architecture and interior design services worldwide for over 30 years. We are committed to creating modern classics based on the unique needs and locations of our projects. Fabiano Designs is a leading design firm because we have the talent, experience and expertise to execute our clients’ visions on each and every project.

The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa
Houston, Texas

Designing environments that inspire people is our underlying creative philosophy.

We focus on the principles of good design, using creativity, innovation, flexibility, collaboration, and business savvy to help our client’s projects succeed. We bring this passion to each and every project, every day, earning a reputation as a first-class leader in the design of socially-based community centers, health, wellness, spa, fitness facilities, restaurants, offices, and other people-centric facilities.

Phaze 3 Fitness
Madison, Alabama
NuYu Fitness
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Level Fitness
Yorktown Heights, New York

Built on a foundation of design innovation

Our process is rooted in deep understanding of our client’s business and their goals. We passionately match those goals with appropriate design strategies.

Gold’s Gym
Northridge, California

Three unshakable

Three unshakable principles—Creativity, Flexibility, and Business Savvy—which we bring to each and every project, have earned as our reputation as a world-class leader in the design of socially-based fitness facilities