HealthZone Wellness Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The St. Francis Health System underwent a major renovation; of their 63,000 square foot hospital-wellness center. Beginning with a facility-analysis; and master plan with Fabiano Designs, the project encompasses the majority of the existing facility including the redesign of the entry, check-in and café, and the reorganization and revamp of the main locker rooms and aquatic locker rooms. Also, child care is expanded and improved along with the addition of community health classroom space and teaching kitchen to promote health and wellness.The existing fitness programming is enhanced by the addition of one new mezzanine housing a new large group exercise room and another mezzanine for increased cardio. Additionally, the reconfiguring allowed for the creation of dedicated yoga, spinning and pilates studios, and an aquatic connector. The renovated facility now offers its members a higher level of access to health and wellness in a fully modernized environment.


Master Planning

63,000 SF




Hands down the absolute best wellness center I've ever experienced. Staffed with knowledgeable friendly people offering an excellent choice of venues to please it's members in a very friendly and clean environment. An amazing value for all it offers!

D. Johns, HealthZone Wellness Member