Elements Massage Prototype

Various Locations

Fabiano Designs was brought on to elevate Elements Massage physical structure and focus on 3 key components; 1. improving the therapist environment, 2. enhancing the member experience 3. and supporting conversion goals.It was important for the business owners to create a better work environment for their employees; taking care of the therapists, really takes care of the business. One of the ways this was achieved was by focusing on the therapist break room in the back of the house. By creating a fun and relaxing space for the therapists, they have a place to rest from a highly physical job and also place to interact with the other therapists. Next, Fabiano explored ways to elevate the member experience. This was done by creating customized massage experiences by allowing customers to control the lighting, music and room scent. This customized experience is only offered for members of Elements Massage. Lastly, increasing the conversion factors was accomplished by breaking apart the waiting area, check-in counter and upsell counter and allowing each to be a unique event.The goal was to minimize expense and maximize effect from our design process. Through our design process we were able to deliver a beautifully designed studio that is unique in the marketplace and customized to the business owners goals.

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