Echo - Outdoor Fitness Experience

Gainesville, Florida

GHFC CEO and fitness industry innovator, Joe Cirulli, approached Fabiano Designs to help him bring to life a top-of-the-line outdoor fitness experience.  We have had the benefit of working with Joe on all of his projects, and his vision always inspires our work.Cirulli believes outdoor fitness has boomed in popularity, with people paying top dollar for access to similar facilities in the area. As a result, the pavilion is a great value-add for GHF members looking to participate in outdoor programming while retaining access to the many other amenities the fitness facility offers. Echo, located at Gainesville Health and Fitness's main campus, is Gainesville's largest outdoor fitness facility measuring in at 6,000-square-feet. Our team creatively sat the building on top of a 10,000 square-foot retention pond, losing only a few coveted parking spots and adding an interesting, functional architectural feature. This large open-air pavilion provides a new way to move, train, and sweat. Echo is a multi-purpose location that offers classes, training equipment, community events, seasonal activities, and holiday festivities for the kids.

When Rudy Fabiano heard the proposal of Echo as the name, he was inspired to write the following: “Our life is a series of echoes, what we say, do, and act upon leads to the next one. The same is true of a company. Its guiding principles, its actions, it's why its people are led to the next echo. The echo is what created GHF. The words of a mother repeated over and over. The lessons of a father are learned over time. From our humble beginnings to a business recognized across the globe, it has been a continual echo across time. This is our newest echo. It represents all of our thinking and our actions and ‘why’ we even exist: To give you, our members, what you need to get the most out of your life. The Echo is not just an abstract, but as real as its source, only in another time and place.”


Project Architect


6,000 SF