Club Solutions: A Passion Project. Catalyst Fitness.

Club Solutions: A Passion Project. Catalyst Fitness.

We are proud to share our long-time clients, Joe and Amy Bueme, owners of Catalyst Fitness in Amherst, New York, are featured on the August 2021 cover of Club Solutions Magazine. Our team at Fabiano Designs had a great experience collaborating with Joe and Amy again for our 5th project together – developing this state-of-the-art club — which as Amy says “ is the culmination of everything we have learned over the last 30-plus years of gym ownership.”

The design accommodates innovative training programs and considers the member’s journey from activity to activity. The club was designed from a workout perspective first, with the aesthetics supporting and enhancing those programs.

This 55,000 SF space boasts state-of-the-art equipment, five fitness studios, a 40,000 sq/ft indoor turf arena, a recovery zone with hydromassage chairs & a shake bar, immersive Cardio Cinema, and executive-style locker rooms, and an indoor park! The cumulation of Fabiano Designs and the Bueme’s efforts have created a club that provides the ultimate workout experience.

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