Fabiano Designs

We are a full service architecture and interior design firm with a 20+ year track record in the fitness and wellness industries. Our years of experience in managing, supervising and planning projects from the most simple to the most complex make us the firm of choice for the country’s leading facilities.

Three unshakable principles; Creativity, Flexibility and Business Savvy—which we bring to each and every project, have earned us our reputation as a world-class leader in the design of socially-based community centers, health, wellness, spa and fitness facilities.

Creativity—Designing an environment that inspires its members is our underlying creative philosophy. We use a variety of research methods to determine how members respond to a space and choreograph our designs to motivate, reduce intimidation and stimulate retention. This approach has proven invaluable not only for fitness centers, but also for country clubs, spas, medical fitness facilities, and community centers.

Flexibility—Our many years of industry know-how especially come into play as we carefully assess, design and adapt for your specific facility. We customize our services to the aesthetic and budgetary requirements of the project at hand. We collaborate with our clients, listen attentively and adapt accordingly. As a result, our facilities meet the specialized needs of both management and members.

Business Savvy—Our experience in the fitness and wellness industries compels us to honor both deadlines and budgets. We provide the planning and supervision critical to the timely and affordable completion of a project. We also bring value-added, cost-savings dimensions to our projects which our clients might not have originally considered, but certainly appreciate. Our services more than pay for themselves.

Take a moment to browse through some of our projects, as well as those under development. I think you’ll see how and why we’ve earned our reputation as the go-to architectural firm for the fitness and wellness industries.